Welcome to Cosmic Bento - the web's first intergalactic lunch-box.

This gallery site is the online home of my CG artwork as well as my web-comics.
The programmes used in the creation of this artwork are:

(texturing, landscape modelling and final rendering)
DAZ Studio
(figure posing, dressing and morphing)
UV Mapper
(texture map template creation)
PhotoShop Elements and GIMP
(postwork and creating textures, etc)

With every passing image I am learning something new.  These images are the result of
many discarded pictures and lessons learned over the years.  I will never be
completely satisfied with any of them I suppose ^_^

A new page has been added where some of my work
can be downloaded as PDF files for easier viewing -
these are the covers for the imaginary magazine, "Space Science Digest"...
and the first two parts of "Space Girls: Prey"

I hope you enjoy them.
So what does Cosmic Bento mean, you ask?

Back in the mists of ancient time (well, the early 1990s) a friend and I created a little
short-run self-published fan-manga (doujinshi as the Japanese call them), which I
christened "Cosmic Bento" - it was SF heavy and as it was Japanese-influenced I
named it after the Japanese packed lunch - Bento.

After 11 issues we decided that enough was enough and let the comic die.
A couple of years ago, as I was recreating one of the comics from it ("Space Girls") I hit
on the idea of bringing the name back to life - and this site is the result.

Although many of these images have been posted on Renderosity, and the Dalek
comics on Altered Vistas, they are collected here for my own reference as well as for
those who are not Renderosity members.

Iain McClumpha
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They are NOT to be reproduced without my express permission.
These include
Judge Dredd, Dr Who/Daleks, all Gerry Anderson material, Abbey Chase, Batman,
Vampirella, Fortuna, Godzilla, Bender, etc... These are characters and designs are ©  their respective

Under NO circumstances are my images to be printed and downloaded and/or subsequently sold.